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I told you HERE that this has been a swirl in my brain.  There is SO MUCH that we could talk about and learn when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  “Just keep pulling the thread” has been my motto.  I will keep asking questions, trying to learn the answers and see what God …

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  By the time you are reading this, I will be in Austin, TX at the IF Gathering.  There will be more to come on that trip I’m sure but until then, here’s some weekend goodness. Help us use the weekend change of schedule to CONNECT more deeply with YOU and our people..family..friends..loves.  May we …

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There are definitely times in my life when God starts to bring a theme to the forefront of my heart and thinking.  Rarely is it a smooth or simple process but rather a tumbling of thoughts, ideas, experiences and things I’ve heard or read.  It may start as a niggling in the back of my …

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February’s Intended Wing

I explained to you HERE what this post is going to be about each month.  For this month, I’m able to let you know how I did on January’s goals as well as let you in on what I’m working on in February. While they are goals that I hope to accomplish, I also realize …

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G.L.A.D.N.E.S.S. I have been working on knitting some wonder and joy into the small regular moments of life.  One way I’m doing that is by putting items around my house that I will encounter regularly that make me smile.  Here are two of my current faves: I read about these candles on a blog before …

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What I Learned in January

I L.O.V.E. learning and growing for all sorts of different reasons.  If you need a reason to keep things fresh in your life, here you go…. I have heard it said that the reason it feels like life is going faster and faster is that there are no longer new experiences to create new feelings …

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Have you seen this from Febreeze?  Noseblind.   The kids and I were watching something on TV and a Febreeze commercial came on.  The concept of the whole 2 minutes was that people become noseblind.  Noseblind is the inability to detect the accumulated smells in ones environment even though others can. Silly, yes, but as …

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H.U.S.H. Jesus, help us find rest this weekend.  Not the kind of “rest” where we force our bodies to be still while on the inside we are still scurrying and doing and striving and chaotic…. but the kind of rest where when your body stops so does your mind and your soul exhales too and …

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Balance vs. Surrender

These words grabbed my attention immediately as my eyes worked across the screen.  A resounding YES bubbled up from my heart.  I’m tired of the messages, plans, worksheets that tell us we can do it all as long as we organize, manipulate and twist every minute of our day to squeeze everything out of it …

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  I shared with you HERE that one of my goals is to feed my family good meals.  For me, that doesn’t always mean super healthy (I have an intense love for homemade mac ‘n cheese) but it does mean made at home.  Time spent in the kitchen and around the table are never wasted …

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