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  Do you ever wish you were something other than what you are?  This week I wished I was a basketball player.  Don’t laugh.  There are a million ways we wish we were different…wonder what our lives would look and feel like…if only.  Take some time this weekend to consider who you ARE…where you ARE….and …

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G.L.A.D.N.E.S.S. I have been working on knitting some wonder and joy into the small regular moments of life.  One way I’m doing that is by putting items around my house that I will encounter regularly that make me smile.  Here are two of my current faves: I read about these candles on a blog before …

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Balance vs. Surrender

These words grabbed my attention immediately as my eyes worked across the screen.  A resounding YES bubbled up from my heart.  I’m tired of the messages, plans, worksheets that tell us we can do it all as long as we organize, manipulate and twist every minute of our day to squeeze everything out of it …

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The calendar page flips to a new year and the clatter reaches a fever pitch.  It’s all really much ado about nothing because in the end, nothing is exactly what happens.  You spend a few days or weeks with well intentioned fervor aimed at making your life everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.  THIS …

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What I Learned in October

A favorite blogger/author of mine, Emily Freeman, has a monthly series titled “What I Learned”.  Each month she looks back on the previous month and lists a few things she found out that she hadn’t known before.  These little gems of knowledge can be serious, fun or both.  I love this for a few reasons: …

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There is something really special about those friends that you’ve known your whole life.  When I went away for the weekend with that group of friends this summer I tried to explain this to my husband.  I don’t know that words do it justice. Most of us have many different types of friends in our …

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IF:GATHERING  registration is TODAY and then IF:LOCAL meetings will start popping up all over the globe.  I wrote these words when I got back from IF:Gathering last year.  It’s lengthy but WORTH it…He moved in that place and in my heart…. February 10, 2014 How do you unpack a heart? I got home from the …

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I don’t know what your weekend plans are but I hope they involve some time to refresh and renew yourself.  For some that will look like a nap or quiet time to be still.  For others, renewal comes through activity that is life giving…being outside…playing a sport…singing…dancing…creating something lovely.  For those of you who like …

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It’s the first day of a new week – so I wanted to give a boost.  Some pep in your step.  So without further ado, here are 3 things we can ALL look forward to this week.  Drum-roll please: #1 – Great is his faithfulness; his loving kindness begins afresh each day.  Lamentations 3:23  No …

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An Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve heard, as I’m sure you have, that taking time each day to count your blessings has all sorts of positive benefits.  It’s been written about, studied, experimented with and videoed.  Yet for some reason we need to experience a truth in our own lives for it to really take root and grow into an …

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