When it comes to choosing a speaker for your event, you have many options. I understand that you care deeply about the event you are preparing for and that the success of your event relies heavily on the person you choose to have speaking. Thank you for considering me as one of your options. I invite you to explore this page to learn more about how I can serve you as you plan for your conference, workshop or retreat. You will also see that there are opportunities to join me at events I plan and customize for groups of women in midlife. Once you have given this information a look, I would love to hear from you. Please consider filling out the contact form to get in touch with me regarding my availability and ask me any questions that might further help you decide if I’m a good fit for your event.

What you can expect

• Prompt communication prior to, during and after the event to ensure that things go smoothly and that you are satisfied with my speaking (I value your feedback!)
• A personal phone consultation prior to the event so that I can customize my message for your audience • An announcement for your on my website
• A customized resource page for your event attendees (including notes from my talk and other resources that may be helpful to them)

A little about me

I am a certified Biblical Life Coach, blogger and speaker. I started my public speaking career in a room with 20 fifth graders almost 15 years ago. My audience has ranged from my small children in my home (who incidentally aren’t all that interested in what I have to say) to groups of several hundred who I have trained and motivated within the context of my direct selling business. I have led large (200+) and small group trainings (5-50). This wide range of teaching and speaking experiences has given me a solid foundation and taught me to adapt my style and message to the group I’m with. I find great joy in encouraging and empowering women to take ahold of the life in front of them and live it well.

I have experienced many ups and downs in my life, just like you, and watched God redeem them for my good and His glory. From childhood through my early adult years I struggled with crippling anxiety and panic. I now live courageously carrying the lessons those years taught me as tools to move forward. I have lived the experience of my parents’ divorce and used what I learned to create a strong and healthy family with my husband of 18 years. My love for learning has made me adaptable in most any situation I find myself in from teaching school, to being a stay at home mom to having a direct sales business for almost 10 years that busted me far out of every comfort zone I had ever created. On a fun note, I have fun (when I’m not frustrated…can I get a witness?) hanging out and running around with my 3 children ages 14-10. I have a love of fashion, reading, and good food just to name a few.


The topics I teach and speak on can be modified to fit your event or group. When developing a talk I not only rely on my own experiences but I draw from the wealth of information I’ve gathered in almost 10 years of working with women in a variety of settings. I look forward to digging into the topic at hand and crafting a talk that will encourage, inspire and educate your audience.

What types of events do I speak at?

Small groups – Most frequently you will find me speaking to and working with small groups of women in different contexts. This has looked like training where specific concepts and information have been taught as well as inspiration and motivation. For almost a decade I have been training, leading, inspiring, teaching and empowering women to be and do their best. I’m open to a wide range of possibilities but some examples are:

A training for your sales group

A message for your women’s group

An event I plan and customize for women in midlife

Large events – I am also available to share a message at a large event you are planning. I have had experience speaking to large groups of women whether sharing inspiration and encouragement from my own life or talking about subjects near and dear to the heart of my listener.

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