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Weekend Delights….Happy…Help…Hallelujah…Hmmmm

  Do you ever wish you were something other than what you are?  This week I wished I was a basketball player.  Don’t laugh.  There are a million ways we wish we were different…wonder what our lives would look and feel like…if only.  Take some time this weekend to consider who you ARE…where you ARE….and

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Favorite Things Party Recap

A Favorite Things Party:  A gathering of friends who all bring a set number of their favorite things that cost a set price.  Said friends enjoy food and fellowship and then swap their goodies.  Everyone goes home with  new items.   I had pinned this idea on Pinterest many moons ago.  It was one of

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Weekend Delights…Tunes…Truth…Treats…The Misters

    I can’t seem to escape these words lately – Don’t despise small beginnings.  Words of wisdom, no doubt.  Why is it so hard to embrace the small and why do we wish for the small to be bigger?  Why does bigger seem better unless it means our pants size?  This weekend may we

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March’s Intended Wing

  I explained to you HERE what this post is going to be about each month.  For this month, I’m able to let you know how I did on February’s goals as well as let you in on what I’m working on in March. While they are goals that I hope to accomplish, I also

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What I Learned in February

It seemed to me that February flew by in a blur of snow and cold, off days with kids delayed or home from school.  I’m not sure where it went, but if I’m being honest, I’m glad it’s gone.  March brings with it a sense of hope…longer days…warmer temps…the smell of changing seasons even though

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Caring for Myself by Getting Stronger

So let’s just say I didn’t do to sporty on my own test.  The questions I asked HERE about what parts of us need tending to and caring for hit a little close to home in my own heart.  And in the figuring out of things, I’ve connected a few dots that just might make

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In Which We Figure out How We are Doing…Really

You are a good girl.  A loving mother, sister, friend, employee, employer, spouse, auntie, cousin…we could go on and on listing the roles that you fulfill to the many people that you impact and influence.  And we are repeatedly told in direct and subtle ways that to fulfill these roles to the best of our

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IF She Lets Go….

She’s on her knees in the darkened room.  What everyone else is doing doesn’t much matter.  God’s voice is as unique and individual as the hearts of the gathered women.  Tears fall hot as she whispers the truth she wishes he didn’t know…forehead pressed against the concrete barrier in front of her.  Of course he

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Weekend Delights…Winsome…Words…Web Finds

It’s the weekend…cue the cheering and the deep exhales.  Turn off the alarms, linger over coffee, find time to be YOU and love YOURS. W.O.R.D.S.   The lie the taskmasters want you to swallow is that you cannot rest until your work’s all done, and done better than you’re currently doing it.  But the truth

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