Everything you want is right on the other side of the door so why is it so hard to open it and just walk through? It could be that you feel a stirring, a glimmer of something that could be. You don’t know exactly what it is you are looking for or longing to do but you want to press in and find out. Perhaps that vision is crystal clear but there are obstacles and barriers that are holding you back. Or maybe you are on the cusp of taking action and knocking down those walls but just need some accountability and encouragement to see this thing through.
Friend, I’ve got your back. Let's OPEN THE DOOR to the life you were meant to live.


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    Allison is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm. She is authentic to her core. The atmosphere of a room she enters changes immediately! She is just one of those people that anyone feels a connection with after spending a short amount of time with her. I would recommend anyone seeking council, life advice, or just need someone to talk to, to give Allison a call.


    There have been times when I found myself stuck in an area of my life. Rather than spinning my wheels needlessly on my own, I spoke with Allison. Trying to find purpose and joy through life circumstances can be difficult at times but Allison helped me know that no matter what we face in life I have the ability within me to solve any problem that I thought was unsolvable. She is a gifted listener!


    Allison is FABULOUS in every way!! She genuinely cares for others and her humble, non-judgmental spirit, makes her a joy to be around. She is easy to talk to, is a great listener, has a gift for bringing out the best in others through her leadership and Godly, sound council. Personally, Allison is my \"go to\" girl when I need Godly advice. I love talking and spending time with her, and I am truly grateful and blessed to have her in my life. Honestly, to know Allison is to love her .


    I loved working with Allison! She gave me the direction and encouragement I needed to start my business. It was great to be able to talk through the roadblocks and come up with solutions together. She helped me set a clear plan with weekly steps that made my dream become a reality. Thank you so much!


The study of midlife and how to live it wholeheartedly with grace, strength and beauty.

Midlife – It’s just as the name implies. You are somewhere in the middle of your life. Typically speaking, women start thinking a little differently around the middle of their lives which falls not too far on one side or the other of age forty.


Wholeheartedly – with full or complete sincerity, enthusiasm, energy, heart and earnestness. We are going to give it all we’ve got in the 2nd half of our lives. Let’s learn, grow and go hard at life together.


Grace - elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. We will discover how this applies physically, emotionally and relationally in our daily lives.


Strength - the quality or state of being strong; moral power, firmness, or courage; power by reason of influence. Gals, we’ve been around for a bit by now. We know some people and have seen some things. We have been strengthened through challenges and experiences and it’s time to put all that learning to good use.


Beauty - the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest). Let’s make “beautiful inside and out” more than just a cliché. Let’s live it.