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Weekend Delights…Dear Driver…Kid Theater…Dessert…Did you See This?

 Praying this weekend that when your insides feel cold and brittle as though they could blow over or crack like ice…may we see not just the now but the potential and the promise of what is to come.  We are not just who we are in this moment but we are a treasure trove of promises to be fulfilled and layers to be peeled back in the timing of the One who made us.  We are becoming.

Yep ☺️☀️
Yep ☺️☀️

D.E.A.R. D.R.I.V.E.R. – Please for love of Pete.  I’m freezing over here.

K.I.D. T.H.E.A.T.E.R.

I know nothing about the actual Birdman movie but loved this clip from the Jimmy Fallon show.  Always Jimmy.



I was thinking this week about things that make my brain all foggy and muddy.  When I think about these things or have to try to understand them I want to close my eyes and lay down for a nap.  I just can’t.  Some of these things are:

  • health insurance
  • cell phone plans…and all things related
  • measuring stuff and how things will fit places


Just typing that makes my face scrunch up.  Ew.

Thinking about muddy things in my brain then lead to me thinking about muddy, gooey, chocolate desserts.  I think THIS ONE will be coming up soon.  Minus the nuts, of course.

chocolate skillet cake
Photo credit: Willow Bird Baking



D.I.D. U C T.H.I.S?

Need a good comedy to watch?  HERE are some recommendations.

This one has stuck with me since I read it.  I’m thinking about being a Soul Minimalist.

Want to scratch your creative itch?  Try THIS.  BTW, I saw this gal at IF:Gathering and she is every bit as stunning in person as she is on the blog.  I just noticed her from afar like a creepy stalker.

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