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Fortyologie – Day 6: Athleisure

You may be wondering to yourself what ATHLEISURE is…friends, if this is new to you prepare to be amazed…

ATHLEISURE:  Athletic type clothing made in more flattering shapes and styles so as to be worn instead of real grown up clothes but looking as though you are.

Gals, we are so creative in our endeavors of comfort and fashion that we have found a way to make clothing that is one small step up from pajamas not only socially acceptable but trendy and fashionable.  This new trend that I love to call “Athleisure” allows us to simultaneously wear sweats while looking like we are wearing regular clothes.  I’m in love.

As an advocate for this fashion trend (soon to be turned classic – let’s not let this die..PLEASE!) I have done my research.  I have gone before you and am able to prepare you as to the whats, hows and whens of all things athleisure.

I believe its young stages were what we call “yoga pants”.  Which is deceiving because you’ve never done yoga in those pants and you know it.  You’ve done lots of cleaning, errand running, cooking, kid chasing, napping and shopping in those pants but you certainly haven’t worn them for yoga.

forever 39 ecard

And while we are on the subject, can I just throw out one suggestion?  Good.  I’m probably going to step on a few toes here but I love you enough to tell you the truth even if it hurts.  When we are 40 and beyond, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest if we would not wear yoga pants with words sprawled across the bum.  If you recall from  Day 4, our thighs are leaking down to our knees which can only mean that our rears are leaking down the back of our thighs.  Let’s not draw attention to that.  Agreed? Glad we got that cleared up.

We have loved our yoga pants but that wasn’t enough.  We wanted more…

I have a few favorite places I go to when I want inspiration on how to pull my Athleisure look together.  The first one is Athleta:

athleisure athleta 2

athleisure athleta

 Let’s break it down…there are 3 main parts to this look:

  • Jacket or top
  • Pants
  • Sneakers

Step 1 – THE PANTS:  I think the pants are going to dictate the rest of the pieces so here are a few pointers:

  • Think about your size and shape.  If pants that have a loose leg and get tight at the ankle won’t work for you then think about a legging.  You can do a legging IF it is made of a heavier material that has some structure to it.  You also want to be sure that the top you choose covers your rear.
  • If the pants are some sort of knit material then I think it’s best to keep them a dark, neutral color.  Black or gray is safe, easy and flattering.
  • Colored or distressed denim can also be a cute option if the situation calls for it.  You can finish either of those off with a casual t-shirt or jacket and sneakers.
Athleisure cabi jacket
Love the polka dot sneakers. Have some fun with your clothes!


  • Where you are going and what you are doing will determine what sort of top you wear.  So, what will you be up to?
  • Jackets give an outfit structure and a more finished look so I throw one on anytime I can.
  • If your pants are snug fitting, think about a looser fitting top.  If the pants are blousy then a more fitted top is better.
Athleisure jean jacket
Jean jackets and leopard shoes are ALWAYS appropriate.

 Step 3 – SNEAKERS

  • Have FUN!  The options are endless!
  • There are Converse in a million different colors and patterns if you like the look of those or want shoes that lace up.
  • Slip on sneakers are also available everywhere.  Again, be playful with color and pattern.  Black with white polka dots, camo and leopard are much more versatile than you think.
Athleisure my athleta outfit
Gotta pop the neutrals with bright pink Converse!

Another great source for clothes with the casual yet classy Athleisure vibe is Loft’s Lou and Grey line.

Final thoughts:  This is comfy, casual gone a bit more classy (can I say that about sweats?).  You know what I mean.  When putting this together err on the side of looking nicer than you need to so that you are not looking frumpy or unkempt.  Finish off any of these looks with some cute accessories.  My favorites are a big pair of hoops and a watch or ring.

Lastly, here is a little yoga pants humor to make you smile…

 So are you going to give ATHLEISURE a try?  What are your thoughts?

P.S.  Sorry for the poor photography.  A professional I am not but I wanted to give you a few ideas using real clothes and not just pictures from a catalog.


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