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Fortyologie – Day 7: Leopard is a Neutral

leopard shoes

Clearly I have a problem.  My discovery of 4 pairs of leopard print shoes in varying degrees of comfort was the sign.  (Yes, those shoes are all mine…don’t judge.)  I don’t know if it’s an expression of my personality or my fear that as I get older I will just fade off into invisibility that drives me to wear leopard.  Maybe I feel pretty, maybe I want to be seen.  Deep, right?

I just need to know that getting older doesn’t mean that my wardrobe will become more boring.  You and I can still express our personality and creativity through our style but we may choose different ways to do it as we gain more life experience.  (That was code for getting older.)

No matter the motive, leopard is a staple of my wardrobe and it should be in yours too.


To help you incorporate this beautiful classic into your wardrobe…a few tips:

#1 – While leopard clothing abounds, I find it the height of classy femininity to include leopard in your outfits through accessories.  Check out this graphic from Just Dandy.


leopard accessories graphic

It’s obvious that the colors and textures vary but the ways you can wear it are endless.  What a beautiful statement to pop a solid color top with a leopard bag or scarf.  I love the sophistication the heels lend to a dressy outfit or the whimsy of the spotted sneaker.

#2 – Mix leopard with other colors or prints.  This takes a bit more courage but what fun you can have really making a statement about who you are.


camo and leopard bag
Find more here – Wendy’s Lookbook

Now before you panic…take a deep breath and just think it over…you don’t have to wear the exact same outfit in the same way.  Use the look as inspiration.  Perhaps you mix a camo jacket or tshirt with leopard sneakers…or a camo infinity scarf with a leopard purse.  Or a canvas camo tote with a leopard scarf…the options are as endless as your creativity!

leopard t and camo clutch
This gal is a fave of mine – Happily Grey


#3 – A little goes a long way.  As with anything delightful, we have the tendency to want to overdo it.  Resist the urge.  You are not trying to look like an actual leopard.  We are just trying to mimic the beauty and punch up our outfits a bit.

leopard costume

Lastly, a word on animal print in general…

  • If you are going for a more classic look, think leopard and cheetah prints in neutral colors.  These will incorporate easily with any style and really elevate your outfit.
  • If you are looking to be a little more funky, then try out zebra or giraffe.  Those prints are a bit larger which makes a bigger statement.  You could also  try them in bolder colors.

What about you?  Do you have any leopard in your wardrobe?  Would you try mixing leopard with another print?

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3 thoughts on “Fortyologie – Day 7: Leopard is a Neutral”

  1. I was just wearing my leopard infinity scarf the other day! It was finally Fall-like outside which means – SCARVES and Boots and Sweaters, oh my! Fun post!


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