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In Which We Figure out How We are Doing…Really

You are a good girl.  A loving mother, sister, friend, employee, employer, spouse, auntie, cousin…we could go on and on listing the roles that you fulfill to the many people that you impact and influence.  And we are repeatedly told in direct and subtle ways that to fulfill these roles to the best of our

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Taking Care of You…ALL of You

I told you HERE that this has been a swirl in my brain.  There is SO MUCH that we could talk about and learn when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  “Just keep pulling the thread” has been my motto.  I will keep asking questions, trying to learn the answers and see what God

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Balance vs. Surrender

These words grabbed my attention immediately as my eyes worked across the screen.  A resounding YES bubbled up from my heart.  I’m tired of the messages, plans, worksheets that tell us we can do it all as long as we organize, manipulate and twist every minute of our day to squeeze everything out of it

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“The world was hers for the reading.” Yes, please.

The quote in the title is credited to Betty Smith and I find it delightful; smiles all around.  Words lining pages of books open doors we never could have dreamed of…bring us connection in ways we long for…leave us heaving with sobs or laughing out loud…living in lands that don’t exist…partially created by the author

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Resolutions, Smesolutions (Do You See What I Did There?)

The calendar page flips to a new year and the clatter reaches a fever pitch.  It’s all really much ado about nothing because in the end, nothing is exactly what happens.  You spend a few days or weeks with well intentioned fervor aimed at making your life everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.  THIS

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How to Have Complete Job Security

I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”  Mother Theresa   Wouldn’t you love to have a job where you will never be let go, the work doesn’t run out and your heart will grow with each day?  This is no secret just

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How to Practice the Discipline of being Present

The word discipline can conjure up many thoughts depending on your life experience – past and present.  Some will right away think about discipline as punishment or correction.  For others it’s a way to live and accomplish whatever it is you need to do.  Or we could think about it as a noun…there are disciplines

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I didn’t have big dreams for my life growing up.  I can’t remember ever sitting around thinking of all of the things I wanted to do or places I wanted to go.  For me, there was a path I was hoping to walk down but I was pretty sure that God wouldn’t let me go

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I’m Building From the Rubble and You Can Too

http://youtu.be/7D2-oD06SWo The opening chords of that song hit my ears and I can feel my throat starting to close up, the tears sneak up into the corners of my eyes…happens every time.  I’ve thought about this often…what is it about that song that makes me emotional?  What I’ve landed on is the fact that it

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