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Loved cheering but watching these girls makes me wish I was a baller.
Loved cheering but watching these girls makes me wish I was a baller.


Do you ever wish you were something other than what you are?  This week I wished I was a basketball player.  Don’t laugh.  There are a million ways we wish we were different…wonder what our lives would look and feel like…if only.  Take some time this weekend to consider who you ARE…where you ARE….and tell God why you are thankful for what is right NOW.  It may not be easy; in fact it may feel almost impossible but GRATITUDE connects us to GOD (an overflowing fountain of life) in THIS moment.  Try it?  If you’d like some help, read HERE.



No explanation needed on this one…enjoy the smiles and feel free to tap your toes.


There have been 2 big news stories this week.  Stories of human suffering and hurt often bring about emotions in us even though we may be far removed from the story.  Here are 2 items that I found helpful and maybe they’ll  help you too.

To help with the earthquake in Nepal…go HERE to donate.  I know Arbin and Bimala Pokharel and I cannot say enough about their love for Jesus and their desire to serve him and improve their nation in the process.  These two are the real deal and are on the ground…living life in Nepal and helping their church family and community through this crisis.

nepal earthquake nepal earthqake 2


Sometimes, part of helping is learning more about ourselves and broadening our worldview.  This article by Jen Hatmaker, published in the New York Times, helped me do just that.

baltimore riot



Spring is FINALLY HERE!!!!!  Find 25 ways to Savor Spring HERE.

AMI window


Can we talk about joggers for a second?  You know, those pants or sweats with a looser fit and elastic at the ankle?  Maybe it’s because I was a teen in the 90’s but I’m both repulsed and intrigued at the same time.  I had these denim joggers from the Gap in my cart for a while and finally decided to use my rewards and order them.  I may regret it or they could be my favorite pants this spring.  I will keep you posted.

denim joggers

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