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Taking Care of You…ALL of You

I told you HERE that this has been a swirl in my brain.  There is SO MUCH that we could talk about and learn when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  “Just keep pulling the thread” has been my motto.  I will keep asking questions, trying to learn the answers and see what God

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Fortyologie – Day 19: Who Am I, Really?

So, who are you, really?  Often when I think of this question, I would identify it more closely with younger people.  Tweens, teens and young adults who are learning about their personality, likes and dislikes, all of those traits that God threw in the mix when he created them. As the busyness of living life

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Fortyologie – Day 12: We Go Way Back

There is something really special about those friends that you’ve known your whole life.  When I went away for the weekend with that group of friends this summer I tried to explain this to my husband.  I don’t know that words do it justice. Most of us have many different types of friends in our

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Fortyologie – Day 11: LYLAS

In some ways, relationships seemed easier back then.  I don’t know if they were for sure but my memory of things has a fuzzy haze to it and I don’t remember having issues like the ones we have now.  There wasn’t cyber anything…no way for someone to splash their dirty laundry or yours publicly for

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Fortyologie – Day 10: Friends

Friends add value to our survival…yes they do.  Anyone that has good friends knows this and anyone who doesn’t knows it too.  And wouldn’t you think by the time we are all adults we’d have friendship figured out?  And yet, drama continues to abound for so many women.  The hurts and struggles of friendship through

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Fortyologie – Day 9: Accessories from Head to Toe

We are wrapping up fashion in your 40s week by talking about accessories.  Clothing is fun and I love to shop with the best of them but accessories are the defining feature of your look.  They are what make a t-shirt and jeans or little black dress uniquely you. We’ll start at your noggin and

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Fortyologie – Day 7: Leopard is a Neutral

Clearly I have a problem.  My discovery of 4 pairs of leopard print shoes in varying degrees of comfort was the sign.  (Yes, those shoes are all mine…don’t judge.)  I don’t know if it’s an expression of my personality or my fear that as I get older I will just fade off into invisibility that

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Fortyologie – Day 6: Athleisure

You may be wondering to yourself what ATHLEISURE is…friends, if this is new to you prepare to be amazed… ATHLEISURE:  Athletic type clothing made in more flattering shapes and styles so as to be worn instead of real grown up clothes but looking as though you are. Gals, we are so creative in our endeavors

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Fortyologie – Day 5: Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans…terrifying, I know.  Their name implies so many things that strike fear in the hearts of women.  But, before we talk about styling our skinnies, let’s consider what they are. Skinny jeans are denim..a fabric with some structure.  If you wear skinny jeans that are made of a thin fabric, you will end up

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