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Fortyologie – Day 5: Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans…terrifying, I know.  Their name implies so many things that strike fear in the hearts of women.  But, before we talk about styling our skinnies, let’s consider what they are.

skinny jeans
Lou and Grey skinny jeans from Loft

Skinny jeans are denim..a fabric with some structure.  If you wear skinny jeans that are made of a thin fabric, you will end up showing off all of the lumps and bumps of your legs.  Structure is important.  Skinny jeans are not leggings.

When we are in midlife, we need to consider the best way to style our clothes.  This doesn’t mean we can’t participate in trends but we need to be thoughtful about how we do it.

Styling Tips for Your Skinnies:

#1 – A dark wash gives a classy look and will elongate the legs.  And a higher/looser waist will diminish your chances of having any muffin top.

skinny jeans dark wash

#2 – Pair them with expensive looking pieces like a silk blouse or camel coat.  Notice I said expensive looking…spending lots of money isn’t necessary.  TJMaxx is one of my favorite stores for flowy blouses under $25.  Or check your favorite discount stores for a great looking coat that won’t break the bank.

jacket - camel
Coat for under $100 from H&M

#3 – Opt for shirt styles that float away from your middle.  You want to balance the proportion of the skinny jeans on the bottom with more volume on the top.

skinny jeans and tunic
You can find this cute top HERE but there are only larges left.

#4 – The darker the clothing the more slimming it is.  Monochromatic dressing is a simple way to look more slender.  If you want to do this casually, then consider dark denim with a black top.  You can see that the top is not clingy and covers her rear (as if it needs covering…right?)

skinny jeans and black top

Here is a black, swingy sweater from Loft that would be a great option.  Find it HERE.

tunic sweater black

Did you get all of that?  Look for a darker wash with a higher waist.  Balance the proportion with a fuller top.  If you really want the look to be slender-izing, then make it monochromatic or close to it.  And lastly, make it age appropriate with expensive looking pieces such as silky blouses and a camel coat.  Throw on your booties and you are GOOD TO GO!

Which tip for styling your skinnies was your favorite?

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