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Fortyologie – Day 4: Jeans and Booties

I promised you the nitty gritty and so here you go.  Let’s tackle fashion for a few days.  I think there are some things that can be said to help us look and feel our best as our bodies are changing with age.  (Doesn’t it almost sound like I’m going to launch into some sort of talk about puberty?)


So, here’s the thing…we’re not getting any younger and our bodies know this.  Try as we might with healthy eating and regular exercise there is some shifting going on.  I have noticed that my thighs are leaking down onto my knees which begs the question “What’s going on behind me?”  I don’t want to think about it.

But, REJOICE, for cooler weather is upon us and we can wear more clothing to accent what we’d like to show off and minimize what we don’t and we won’t swelter to death in the process.

Today I’d like to give you a few ideas on wearing jeans and booties.  If you are new to the whole “bootie” thing…not to be confused with “booty” thing.  Check it out.

brown bootieblack bootie

Both of these are from Loft…different colors…different types of heels…both booties.

Why do I love booties you are asking?

  • They are a popular trend that women of any age can wear.
  • If you don’t like heels then you can get a pair that are flat.  Your feet will thank you and you will look like all that and a bag of chips.
  • Booties are available in all sorts of stores in a range of prices which makes them accessible to even the most budget conscious shopper.


I love my booties but I have had to learn to style them.  Typically, when I need help with anything in the fashion department, my first resource for help is Pinterest and from there I find other bloggers who know a whole lot more than I do.  Here are a couple examples of how you can wear your booties.

bootie, jeans, camo, leopard
Picture from Happily Grey

I love SO.MANY.THINGS. about this outfit…the jacket with camo…with leopard…with distressed jeans…which is a whole other subject but I definitely don’t think we are too old to wear distressed jeans UNLESS there are gaping holes in them which show your old lady knees or your upper thigh which is currently leaking toward said knees.  Let’s keep that under wraps..mmmkay?  Thanks.

The observant ones among you will notice that she is actually wearing peeptoe booties which is a phenomena that I don’t understand.  If it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, pants and boots then why would I want my toes out?  I don’t get it.  Anywho…the most important part of this picture to notice is that she has her jeans rolled just a bit and the cuffs are resting on the top of her booties letting us know that she is fashionable and carefree.  I want to feel that way too.

booties, gwyneth and camryn

These two beauties have their jeans casually tucked into their booties.  This is my favorite way to wear them.  So simple and look how happy their booties are making them.

There is one more trick to booties that you may have noticed.  They require a skinny jean.  No fear!  You can do this but there are a few things to keep in mind which we will cover in Day 5 so COME BACK!  If you don’t you may end up wearing your booties incorrectly and OH the HORROR.

booties - mine
These are my booties..I <3 them.

Do YOU have booties?  Would you like to get a pair?  What is your favorite look?

P.S.  If you’d like a more detailed look at how to wear booties, head over HERE.  This cutie pie blogger named Amanda has detailed instructions with pictures…so glad someone is smarter than me with this stuff!


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