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Weekend Delights….Happy…Help…Hallelujah…Hmmmm

  Do you ever wish you were something other than what you are?  This week I wished I was a basketball player.  Don’t laugh.  There are a million ways we wish we were different…wonder what our lives would look and feel like…if only.  Take some time this weekend to consider who you ARE…where you ARE….and

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Weekend Delights…Sacred, Silly, Stylish, Scrumptious

You made it to the weekend!  High fives all around! S.A.C.R.E.D. Praying that you MAKE time to refresh your soul this weekend.  Did you notice I said make and not find?  If you don’t make it happen, then it won’t and you will roll into next week still weary from this week and the ones

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Weekend Delights..Food…Fabulous…Funny…Found

Happy Friday or Saturday or whenever you may be reading this.  Before I get to the juicy stuff, I want to share 2 things with you: First…that picture of Owen.  It is so adorable it makes my heart hurt.  Where does the time go? Second…a couple of wishes for your weekend… praying you find the

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Fortyologie – Day 9: Accessories from Head to Toe

We are wrapping up fashion in your 40s week by talking about accessories.  Clothing is fun and I love to shop with the best of them but accessories are the defining feature of your look.  They are what make a t-shirt and jeans or little black dress uniquely you. We’ll start at your noggin and

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Fortyologie – Day 7: Leopard is a Neutral

Clearly I have a problem.  My discovery of 4 pairs of leopard print shoes in varying degrees of comfort was the sign.  (Yes, those shoes are all mine…don’t judge.)  I don’t know if it’s an expression of my personality or my fear that as I get older I will just fade off into invisibility that

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Fortyologie – Day 6: Athleisure

You may be wondering to yourself what ATHLEISURE is…friends, if this is new to you prepare to be amazed… ATHLEISURE:  Athletic type clothing made in more flattering shapes and styles so as to be worn instead of real grown up clothes but looking as though you are. Gals, we are so creative in our endeavors

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Fortyologie – Day 5: Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans…terrifying, I know.  Their name implies so many things that strike fear in the hearts of women.  But, before we talk about styling our skinnies, let’s consider what they are. Skinny jeans are denim..a fabric with some structure.  If you wear skinny jeans that are made of a thin fabric, you will end up

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Fortyologie – Day 4: Jeans and Booties

I promised you the nitty gritty and so here you go.  Let’s tackle fashion for a few days.  I think there are some things that can be said to help us look and feel our best as our bodies are changing with age.  (Doesn’t it almost sound like I’m going to launch into some sort

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Faith, Food, Fashion and Funnies

Happy Hump Day!  Here are a few delightful tidbits to get you through today and on to the weekend. Funnies – Actually this is sort of heartbreaking and funny all at once. http://youtu.be/XgMPV3slCis Fashion – I got a Stitch Fix box today!  YAH!  You can read about my last box HERE.   Clockwise from the

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Help on getting your Fix

Friends,  I’m gonna do you a solid (doesn’t that sound cool?) and share with you one of the two best fashion tips I’ve found lately.  You need to get yourself fixed up with Stitch Fix.  I’ll get to the details in a moment but just know for now that this is a little box of

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