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January’s “Intended Wing”



Over at the Tiny Twig, Hayley shares her monthly goals along with an update on the progress she made (or didn’t make) on the previous month’s goals.  I’m going to jump in here with her and let you in on what I’m working on…moving toward…hoping to accomplish.  Hayley calls these posts “Goals with Grace”.

I’m calling them my “Intended Wing”Each month you will see goals that reflect actions that move me in the direction that I endeavor to go.

While they are goals that I hope to accomplish, I also realize that each month holds its own schedule, ups, down and unexpected events.  In the end I may not knock everything off my list, but I hope to at least make progress in the direction that I’m wanting to go…my intended wing.

As I make my monthly, weekly and daily goals I’m taking into consideration:

  • the themes that God is developing in my life
  • the person I want to be later in life
  • the dreams He’s given me
  • the priorities I have in place
  • the reality of what needs to happen as I fulfill my primary role as wife and momma of 3


The more I’m able to discern the big picture clearly,

the more I’m able to take action in specific and measurable ways

to make sure that I’m moving in the right direction.


Donald Miller shared that it’s best to focus on 3 big projects a year.  That’s what you will realistically be able to accomplish and to try to do more will set you up for failure.  Michael Hyatt suggest HERE to keep the number at 5-7.  I have settled on 3 BIG projects or goals (plus one theme of sorts) I want to accomplish or take consistent forward action on and so you’ll see most of my goals fall under one of these 4 categories.

#1 – Start a podcast.

#2 – Continue down the path of healing and working toward a dream that isn’t exactly defined yet.  I will keep company with Jesus, listen and walk with Him.

#3 – Gather people to my home at least once a month.

#4 – Self-Care as something to learn about, share about and develop habits around.

Bonus:  #5 – Maintain those tasks that are important such as caring for my husband, home, family, business


Monthly Goals:

Work to develop the topics/themes I would like to focus on in my podcast. (#1)

(If you have thoughts on what you like to hear about, that would a help a great deal!  Shoot me an email and help me out on this one.  You can email me through the Contact page of my website HERE.) 

Continue reading Finding Spiritual Whitespace (one chapter a day during the week). (#2)

Finish The Rosie Project. (#4)

Hold Graham’s birthday party. (#3)

Keep blogging schedule = 10 posts/month (#5)

Finish Lara Casey Powersheets

Do something creative (lettering or wire word art)


Weekly Goals:

Real supper 3-4 times a week (plus leftovers) = feeding my family well (#5)

 3 Blog posts (#5)

Exercise 3 times (#4)


Daily Goals:

Love well = hugging big kids and affirming D (#5)

Keep regular morning work schedule (#5)

Coffee, Jesus and Finding Spiritual Whitespace each morning (#2 and #4)



There you have it Friends!  I’m anxious to watch the months unfold and hoping you’ll stick around and we can make progress together.  What are some of your goals for the rest of this month?


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6 thoughts on “January’s “Intended Wing””

  1. Ooo!! I love this! Wow! What a great way to get your mind really engaged in your goals and direction – both big picture and also daily tasks that will help you achieve them! I started a new workout/nutrition plan called 21 day fix (I am a perpetual “quitter” in this area so the fact that I am on day 7 is literally a miracle!) But here’s what I found…the reason it has worked for me this time is because…I planned! I planned what I was going to eat and how it fit into my nutrition guidelines the night before or early morning and by gosh, it has worked! 😉 So I definitely think this idea of planning so specifically is so the way to go! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Excited to check out those resources!

  2. Yes Sarah! Planning, writing things down and sharing goals with others are all proven strategies to help you be successful. Praying you stick it out all 21 days, not always perfect but making progress!


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