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Favorite Things Party Recap


A Favorite Things Party:  A gathering of friends who all bring a set number of their favorite things that cost a set price.  Said friends enjoy food and fellowship and then swap their goodies.  Everyone goes home with  new items.


I had pinned this idea on Pinterest many moons ago.  It was one of those ideas that I was always going to get to later.  Later finally came a couple of weeks ago.

In simplest terms:

  1. Set a time and date
  2. Invite friends
  3. Let them know how many items to bring as well as the cost
  4. Plan the food.  Either keep it simple yourself or have everyone bring a favorite appetizer.  The options are endless.
  5. Decorations can be as simple or fancy as you’d like.  I used paper plates and plastic silverware to keep the cleaning to a minimum.  My dining table had a candle, some fresh flowers, the swag bags and was loaded down with all the favorites before we handed them out.
  6. Eat, drink, be merry.
  7. Do the survey/game.  See also below.
  8. Swap your faves.
  9. And there, you’ve done it!  Simple, easy and such a fun girls night!


To pull this off, I relied heavily on THIS BLOG POST with instructions and ideas.  I printed a cute chalkboard invite from HERE which was a follow up to a Redstamp text card I sent out.

Clockwise in the above photo:

#1 – The favorite thing that I gave out.  I asked my guests to bring 5 items/collections that cost $10 or less.  I chose to give a quilted jelly jar that held a roll of washi tape, Carmex, my fave pen and a chalkboard clothespin (mine were from Target Dollar Spot…similar HERE).  The leopard print bags hold the lids, my fave gum and a free printable from HERE and HERE.

#2 – To the right are the Favorite Things surveys found in the blog post above as well as the gifts for the winners (the survey is a game of sorts).  This part was such fun!  Talking about everyone’s different preferences spurred a lot of fun conversation.

#3 – I’m so in love with the brown bags and gold foil dots (those and burlap bags from Target)!  These were everyone’s bags to take their goodies home in.  I wrote each gals name on the feather tag just to make it a little more personal.


Food was very simple.  I had veggies and dip, summer sausage, cheese and crackers and a bean salsa type of dip with my FAVE tortilla chips.

We had a special drink available for those that were interested served in mason jars with the most adorable straws.


I just can’t tell you how much fun this was.  Besides the yummy food, friends and faves, I told everyone to come casual.  It was relaxed and delightful.


If you had to choose a favorite item for under $10, what would you bring?

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