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Happy Hump Day!  Here are a few delightful tidbits to get you through today and on to the weekend.

Funnies – Actually this is sort of heartbreaking and funny all at once.


Fashion – I got a Stitch Fix box today!  YAH!  You can read about my last box HERE.  


Stitch Fix grid

Clockwise from the top left:

Chevron Dress – This little gem had a lot going for it.  I love the color and print and the fabric felt wonderful.  After trying it on, however, it became clear that this was not for me.  Nope.

Navy Blue Skinny Jean – Stitch Fix has been hitting it out of the park with pants for me lately.  These are a good fit, nice fabric and basic navy makes them a staple.

Color Block Top – The fact that this is color block and neutral would make it seem like a keeper but it was a little too boxy and going into winter I didn’t think I needed it.

Dolman Sleeve Sweater – This is a lightweight sweater-ish type of shirt.  The fit is flattering and color is pretty.  I’m on the fence about this one.

I also received a leopard print pencil skirt.  I already own one of these so I popped it right in the return envelope.

Food:  Monday’s nice weather gave way to a cold and rainy evening spent following my golfer around the golf course.  I was trying to sneak out early when I realized the keys were locked in the minivan.  Guess I was staying all the way to the bitter end.  Come 8:00 it was getting dark, we were freezing cold and this set the stage perfectly for a comfort food supper of Cassoulet and Tastfully Simple Bountiful Beer bread made with Sprite.

Cassoulet grid

This recipe is one my mom made frequently when we were growing up.  I have modified it a bit so that it’s easier to make.  You’re welcome!


one jar of Great Northern beans (with juice)

one package of diced ham

some diced onion (I just put some in – whatever looks good to you)

one pound of Bob Evans sausage, cooked

a sprinkle of parsley

I put the ingredients in the crock pot long enough to get them warm and to let the flavors mix.  If you need it quick, put it on a higher setting or leave it on longer at a low setting if you have the time.

This is FAB as leftovers also!

Faith: We know that I love learning and I especially enjoy reading the Bible and learning more about it in the context of a class with other women.  It’s a beautiful thing when we can come together and share our experiences with life and God and each other.  This is the next study we are diving into at church.  I can’t wait!

Ruth Bible study

If you would like to join an online study then head on over to IF:EQUIP.  We have just started the book of Genesis.  You can sign up to have these sent to your inbox daily.  It’s a short reading, a 2 minute video and you can read/add your own comments.

Have you done a good Bible study recently?  What was it?

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