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Fortyologie – Day 9: Accessories from Head to Toe

We are wrapping up fashion in your 40s week by talking about accessories.  Clothing is fun and I love to shop with the best of them but accessories are the defining feature of your look.  They are what make a t-shirt and jeans or little black dress uniquely you.

accessories like vitamins quote

We’ll start at your noggin and accessorize you down to your toes…

#1 – EARRINGS: Every woman should have a pair of diamond studs (real or not) in her jewelry box as well as a pair of hoops.  I also think that every gal needs a pair of statement earrings.  The size of these fun earrings is going to be up to you.  There is no set rule about big earrings with short hair.  The only thought I have is that if you are a brunette or have black hair, you need to pick a pair that won’t get lost if your hair is down.  If you want your earrings to make a statement we need to be able to see them.

statement ears gold
My current favorite gold statement earrings – Premier Designs


statement ears silver
My current favorite silver statement earrings – Premier Designs


#2 – STATEMENT NECKLACE:  This is going to be the necklace in your jewelry box that everyone compliments you on.  It’s going to be an attention grabber and really showcase your personality.  When wearing a statement necklace here are a couple of things to keep in mind…

  • It will draw the eye up so maybe rock it if you are having a great hair day and you want everyone to notice.
  • You can also use it to draw the eye up and away from areas of your body that you don’t want to emphasize.
  • This is your outfit maker so be BOLD and have some fun with it!
  • Keep your other accessories simple – let the statement necklace do all of the talking.
Statement necklace gold
Loving this gold statement necklace – Premier Designs


statement necklace silver
3 of my fave things: leather, bling and chain links! Premier Designs



#3 – SCARVES:  Scarves make me happy.  They keep me warm and make a fashion statement all at the same time.  YAH!  My biggest tip for scarves is this:  they are overpriced…BIG TIME.  You can find many fun options in stores like Target or Walmart.  Save your extra pennies for a bigger investment like a nice winter coat or good leather boots.  My current faves are infinity scarves that you just throw on and go but there are many fun ways to tie a long scarf too. Here is a video that will give you some ideas:

Infinity scarf horiz
I love this playful mix of floral and camo. The scarf is from Target (old) and the jacket is from Gap (old).


#4 – RINGS and BRACELETS:  Here are 3 reasons to dress your hands/arms:

  • With the way we use technology (think phones, iPads, computers) people are seeing our hands and wrists all of the time.
  • Typically, the fingers and wrists are the thinnest part of woman’s body – show them off!
  • When you are wearing rings and bracelets, you can see the bling.  You will have a really hard time enjoying the necklace and earrings you are wearing unless you stare in a mirror all day.


Think about stacking your bracelets for an individualized look.  It’s easier than you think.  Make sure you are grouping pieces in odd numbers and choose pieces that coordinate but don’t necessarily match.  You can add bling and leather for fun or mix some chunky bangles with your favorite sentimental piece.  The look is all YOU!

bracelets gold
Gold is the common thread…the mix of beads and leather makes it fun – Premier Designs


bracelets silver
Don’t be afraid to add bling to your everyday wardrobe. Mix it with bangles and leather – Premier Designs


#5 – SHOES:  We’ve discussed LEOPARD SHOES and SNEAKERS and BOOTIES.  Don’t forget your feet…have some fun with your footwear!  Again, the options are endless and don’t have to cost a lot of money.  I find this to be especially important as many of us are wearing a neutral color palette much of the time.  I know that many gals can’t tolerate heels but every inch you add will slim you down.  If you like the height but would like to achieve it less painfully, try wedges.  They are a great option!


While this isn’t comprehensive, I hope you can shop your closet a little differently than you did before.  Look at things with new eyes…experiment a little…use Pinterest and magazines for inspiration…be brave…bold…have fun with your look!

It’s been said that a woman’s best accessory is her smile and I agree wholeheartedly…what’s your second favorite accessory?


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