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Fortyologie – Day 10: Friends

friendship quote - watermark

Friends add value to our survival…yes they do.  Anyone that has good friends knows this and anyone who doesn’t knows it too.  And wouldn’t you think by the time we are all adults we’d have friendship figured out?  And yet, drama continues to abound for so many women.  The hurts and struggles of friendship through middle and high school seem to plague some women’s relationships well into adulthood.  This week we’ll take a look at friendship:

  • Different types of friends
  • What the Bible says about friendship
  • Ways to be a good friend/what to look for in friends
  • Tips for having difficult conversations
  • Doing friendship just like midlife – wholeheartedly with grace, strength and beauty
  • And more

I hope you will stick around and consider joining the conversation…it will be a good one!

P.S.  Those beautiful gals in behind the quote are my 4 closest friends from childhood.  We’ve stayed in touch and celebrated our 40th birthdays this year by spending a weekend in June at a lake house.  It was pure joy!


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