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Fortyologie – Day 12: We Go Way Back

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There is something really special about those friends that you’ve known your whole life.  When I went away for the weekend with that group of friends this summer I tried to explain this to my husband.  I don’t know that words do it justice.

Most of us have many different types of friends in our lives but there is a sweet spot for those who share a common history.  Yes, you may not talk to each other as much as you used to.  Time and distance widen the gap…you have less time to devote to that particular group of friends…maybe you have changed or they have changed or both, but the foundation is there.

They knew you when…back then…before you were…

They were there when you were going through puberty, first boyfriends, high school struggles and coming of age stories in college.  You attended each others weddings and watched one another start families.  Through all of the ups and downs of life, you were there even if from a distance.

These women can laugh with you about how your hair looked in junior high or remember the million slumber parties, first dances, first kisses and so much more.

The magic of that cannot be manufactured and it can’t be replaced.  Those gals were THERE and retelling the story to someone who wasn’t just isn’t the same.

Most of us knew these girls before we knew our spouses.  History forges strong bonds.  You can’t hide from them because they knew you before you started pretending.  They have seen behind the veil to who you really are and they love you anyway and no matter what.  Let’s face it, by this stage of life we’ve seen some ugly and they have been there…steadfast…in your corner.  Our roots are mingled with theirs and that’s how it will always be.

I hope you have at least one of these gals in your life.  I’m GRATEFUL to have a whole handful.  Thank God for those women and then give them a call or shoot them a message and let them know that you care…that you are thinking of them…that you are thankful for what they have meant in your life.

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What is your favorite quality of those friends that knew you back when?

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