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Fortyologie – Day 13: We Go Deep

There’s something you like about her; you know it the moment you start talking.  It’s a connectedness of sorts that grabs you and pulls you in.  It’s not because you share a common experience although that’s a possibility.  The pull isn’t from a shared history or years of life walked together.  Most likely what you see in her is someone very near and dear to your heart.  When your insides recognize the eyes and heart of one of your closest confidants, you just know it.

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This has happened to me many times over the last several years but more often lately.  As my heart grows deeper and wider it seems there is more space for others who share that same love.  Is it the Holy Spirit?  Does he signal something in me to see something in them?  Perhaps it’s a safety we feel because we know the one who holds our hearts is one and the same?  Maybe we are eager to explore the vastness of Him and His work in us together as if we were on an expedition because we know He is good and a chance to encounter Him in someone else can’t be passed up.

These relationships may grow and carry on for years or they may be moments in time when your heart comes alive for a bit as it connects with another…as Jesus connects it with another.

There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.  Jim Henson



This can be a bit tricky, though.  You have to be willing to open up and pull back the veil; easier said than done sometimes.  But if you see that light and you are willing, you can get a glimpse of your Maker in the eyes and heart of another bit of his creation.  That experience makes a heart ring true with recognition.  The walls come down, hearts light up and there is a knowing because you are known by God.

Have you had the experience of meeting someone and finding a heart connection right out of the gate?  Did it grow into a friendship or was it a special moment in time?

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