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The Swirl in My Brain – This is Where We are Headed in February

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There are definitely times in my life when God starts to bring a theme to the forefront of my heart and thinking.  Rarely is it a smooth or simple process but rather a tumbling of thoughts, ideas, experiences and things I’ve heard or read.  It may start as a niggling in the back of my mind…a chewing on something that I can’t seem to let go.  And like a train horn sounding in the distance that keeps getting louder, the thing starts to become more clear.  Often when this happens I need to sit down with pen and paper and start to connect the dots in a very concrete way that I can see with my own two eye balls.

He’s done it again.

There is a beat in my heart for women to know a few things about themselves and God and much of that is why She’s Becoming exists at all.

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You need to know:

WHOSE you are and in turn WHO He’s made you to be.

You have choices.  Your life need not be determined by what others think or expect or cultural norms or pages of a magazine or words on a blog.

You have value and worth and there is HOPE.

You don’t have to live frazzled, tapped out, numbed out, stressed out, waiting for whatever you think may happen to make your life better… you can really start living…NOW.


With those passions as a backdrop, God started to whisper to me something I  hadn’t expected about how we care for ourselves.  He took me quite by surprise and what a gift this little journey has been.


He started taking threads of thoughts and pulling them together:

  1. I read this post from The Nester that still hasn’t left meHospitality. But Not the Kind You are Thinking Of.
  2. I heard Christine Caine say this at Catalyst Atlanta:  Spiritual health is different than soul healing.  You can be actively practicing those things that lead to spiritual health and still have a wounded soul.  She went on to explain that the sinner’s prayer doesn’t heal cellulite and a damaged soul is the same.  Something about that landed deep in me and didn’t go away.
  3. I told a friend this fall that something inside me was tired.  I wasn’t sure what it was…I wasn’t sure if I needed to do more of something…or less.  I was weary inside.
  4. Then came Finding Spiritual Whitespace.


So, maybe all those words seems disconnected to you as they did to me.  We will spend some time this month pulling it all together while we talk about how we care for ourselves…on the outside and the inside.  Sometimes there will be more questions than answers.  I’m learning that’s okay too.  I can wait on the Lord to show me piece by piece what I need to know.  And guess what…He is faithful to do that.


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