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It’s the weekend…cue the cheering and the deep exhales.  Turn off the alarms, linger over coffee, find time to be YOU and love YOURS.

you complete me



The lie the taskmasters want you to swallow is that you cannot rest until your work’s all done, and done better than you’re currently doing it.  But the truth is, the work’s never done, and never done quite right.  It’s always more than you can finish and less than you had hoped for.

So what?  Get this straight:  The rest of God – the rest God gladly gives so that we might discover that part of God we’re missing – is not a reward for finishing.  It’s not a bonus for work well done.

It’s sheer gift.  It is a stop-work order in the midst of work that’s never complete, never polished.  Sabbath isn’t the break we’re allotted at the tail end of completing all our tasks and chores, the fulfillment of all our obligations.  It’s the rest we take smack-dab in the middle of them, without apology, without guilt, and for no better reason that God told us we could.  The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan



When these sisters sing…what’s the word?  Intoxicating?  Enchanting?  Mesmerizing?  You could go down a rabbit hole watching them sing covers on Youtube.


W.E.B.  F.I.N.D.S.

So I told you that I had a goal to be creative (at least once in a while) and that I had tried hand lettering.  I got to meet the sweetest gal this weekend at IF:Gathering who is a professional at hand lettering and she is offering a FREE printable for anyone who wants it.  It’s adorable and ALL about love.  Find it HERE.

I didn’t know there was a name for it but it seems I’m constantly afflicted.  Do you have THIS?

Love these thoughts on our tears over at She Reads Truth.

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