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Makeover Your To-Do List – 3 Changes to Make TODAY – Part 3

Makeover Your to-do list

We have made it to the 3rd and final installment in this mini-series!  Wasn’t this so much more enriching than some melodrama mini-series on Lifetime?  I knew you would think so.  If you haven’t added these categories to your list yet, give yourself a break.  You have a lot going on, remember?  Even just implementing one small change at a time will net a big difference down the road.

The third change that you need to make to your to-do list is to add your PURPOSE or what Miller calls your Life Theme at the top or bottom of your list.  Remember a little while back we talked HERE about decision filters?  Having your purpose written on your daily to-do list will ensure that you are spending your time and energy on what matters the most.  Ideally, this would be no more than a sentence or two.


Before you start hyper-ventilating thinking you need to get serious about saving the ENTIRE world…let me give you a few thoughts on what PURPOSE is and isn’t:

#1 – Your purpose is less about size and scope and more about shape.  God has put you here for a unique work.  Just because it’s a God given task, doesn’t mean it will look God-sized but it will match the shape of His heart and yours.

#2 – Your purpose may not effect the entire world but it may effect the entire world of one person.  You know that middle schooler that you encourage each morning before she heads out the door…or the high school fella who needs a hug even though he’s taller than you…or that sweet college student you send off and encourage to take risks and see the world…that friend you really invested in?  It matters to that one.

#3 – It’s not YOUR plan, but GOD’S plan for YOU.  He has work to accomplish on this earth that will have eternal impact and YOU are a part of that work.  If your purpose is all about your comfort and comfort zone…keeping yourself sequestered and secure…then you need to rethink it.

#4 – Your purpose will look like LOVING SERVICE carried out through YOUR STRENGTHS/GIFTS to PEOPLE you are PASSIONATE about helping/serving.  There is much to unpack in this one sentence and we don’t have the time for it right now.  Just use this as a guideline to get you thinking about your purpose and what you would write at the top of your page.

Here is what I put as my purpose on this list.  I write it in different forms all of the time but I’m sharing this one because it speaks to what I’m doing, for whom and the way I will do it.  You’ll also notice it’s somewhat broad or general.  This purpose is fulfilled with She’s Becoming, when I work my Premier business, teaching a Bible study at church or even  just in a conversation with someone.  At the end of the day, I want my activities outside what I’m doing for my family to fall under this statement somehow.

Empowering womento live the life God-5

You’ll notice that this doesn’t mention my husband or children.  It’s a given to me that my relationship with God and my husband are priority.

When it comes to my kids…I want to do the best I can do with them…to teach and train them…to help them know Jesus….and to empower them to live the life God created them to live.  But, my life is not about or for them (although some days it sure feels that way – amen?).

My life is a gift from God to fulfill the purposes He has for me.  Being the best mom I can be is one of them but I believe God has also given me purpose beyond that role.  In the end, these sweet kids of mine are only under my roof for a little while and when they head out on their own I don’t want to be standing here scratching my head and wondering what I’m supposed to do now.  I’m getting started.

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