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Do You Need Help Making Decisions?

I’ve been reading this book for the last week and it is rocking my world.  Its’ wisdom combined with practical application make it a must read for everyone who struggles with knowing when to say “yes” or “no”.  So, basically that’s me and ALL of you! We flop about between pleasing ourselves or others, whether

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Makeover Your To-Do List – 3 Changes to Make TODAY – Part 3

We have made it to the 3rd and final installment in this mini-series!  Wasn’t this so much more enriching than some melodrama mini-series on Lifetime?  I knew you would think so.  If you haven’t added these categories to your list yet, give yourself a break.  You have a lot going on, remember?  Even just implementing

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Makeover your To-Do List – 3 Changes to Make TODAY

If you are a woman anywhere in the realm of midlife then you probably have a lot on your plate.  Or perhaps you even have multiple plates that you are trying to keep spinning all at once.  Let me help you… As a lover of all things organizational, I love me a good list.  Not

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