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Happy Weekend!  Whether your weekend means a bit of fun and relaxation…time to look your kids, husband, family, friends long in the face around a table…or a quick couple days to catch up only to begin the grind again on Monday…set it apart by being awake to the whisper of the Holy Spirit…the way the kids faces crinkle when they laugh…how that one piece of hair pops up on the back of your little  guys head…the warmth of sun on face and a body that can move…intentionally setting aside our drivenness to be purposeful..

The driven are fanatical time managers – time mongers, time herders, time hoarders.  Living on purpose requires skillful time management, true, but not the kind that turns brittle, that attempts to quarantine most of what makes life itself – the mess, the surprise, the breakdowns, the break-throughs.  Too much rigidity stifles purpose.  I find that the more I try to manage time the more anxious I get about it…The truly purposeful have an ironic secret:  they manage time less and pay attention more.

The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

Number these days like we talked about HERE.  



The men in our house are into golf of late with one husband playing every chance he can grab and one oldest boy on the golf team at school.  This happy little video combines our love of golf and Jimmy Fallon into a delightful little package.

If you are looking for some good eats this weekend then check out these steak fingers from the Pioneer Woman.  I made this for my family and my brother in law and father in law came for dinner as well.  This was the supper referenced HERE.  The only change I would make when I cook this again would be to double the amount of flour mixture used for coating the meat.  You also need to take her measurements seriously because that cayenne pepper has a kick!

Steak Fingers with Gravy

Steak Fingers

This picture was take by Ree Drummond…my skillz are not that good PLUS I served this with mashed potatoes…YUM!

Lastly, if your heart hasn’t been sufficiently squeezed with the start of school or thoughts of the passage of time and how we spend it, then click on over to Ann Voskamp’s blog –

How to Really Send the Kids Back to School and out into the World


 My first high schooler!  I can’t even take it.  Kindergarten didn’t get ahold of my heart nearly the way dropping him off at high school did.  I cried all the way home.


These two nuggets are in 8th and 4th grade.

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