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Weekend Delights

yellow flowers postCan you smell that?!?!  It’s the weekend and it’s right around the corner.   Here is a round up of some fabulous food, fun and thoughts for your weekend.

(Photo credit to my sweet Chloe who is becoming a teenager Friday…say what?!?!)

If you need a chuckle, check out little Noah Ritter.   Even if you caught this video online this week it’s worth another watch.  He is adorable!  My favorite part is how his grandpa tries to get him to give up the mic and walk away but Noah ignores the tugs on his shoulder.

We had one whale of a delicious supper this week.  It was Pesto Ranch Crock Pot Chicken Thighs.  People, my pickiest eater was back for seconds before I even got my plate to the table.  What?!?!  I served it with  mashed potatoes (one of my specialties) and corn on the cob.  Delightful!
crockpot post

Pesto Ranch Crock Pot Chicken Thighs

One of my favorite bloggers/authors to follow is Emily Freeman.  She a deep thinker who speaks straight to your soul.  When I read her posts I find myself nodding in agreement as she gives voice to truths that I couldn’t name.  This particular post is for mommas sending kids to college but even as I send my oldest to high school I found tears running down my face as much of this resonated with my heart.

emily freeman post

A Staying Prayer for Mothers of College Freshmen

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