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Because I hoard information….


Book Stack 800

The stack of books that currently sits next to my chair.


So, here’s the thing….where some people gather and compile stuff, trinkets, stuffed animals, trash (have you seen that show?  ACK!), I am a hoader of information.  Envision me humbling hanging my head in shame.  While this may seem less problematic than physical hoarding and perhaps even noble as it creates the illusion of scholarly intelligence and wisdom, I find it has its pitfalls.

Just as you would stumble through a house full of things looking for the perfect something that you need, I find myself sifting through the material, thoughts and ideas that are lodged up in my noggin.  And to be honest, that’s not the only place I store my intellectual hoard. I have books and binders (I will show you my binder sometime…I love it SO much), notebooks and folders, index cards, documents and links saved on my computer.  While this muddles my thinking at times, it turns out to be a wonderful thing for you dear reader as this enables me to pass along goodies that may help you do whatever it is you aspire to do.

From time to time I will share with you regarding books I have been reading or thoughts I have been thinking.  Maybe we will discuss another person’s idea or ponder a quote or a question.  We will filter these through the lens of His word, our personalities and experiences both as individuals and as a community and see where we land.  In all of this thinking and sharing and reading, the goal will be GROWTH.  As a Life Coach I know that a sense of direction is key to moving forward in your life.  You must choose to grow in the direction that you want to go.  You are not who you were or will be…you are BECOMING.  In the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell states:

To grow, you must know yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, your interests and opportunities.  You must be able to gauge not only where you’ve been but also where you are now.  Otherwise you cannot set a course for where you want to go.  And of course, every time you learn something, you must be able to take the new thing you’ve learned today and build upon what you learned yesterday to keep growing.  That’s the only way to gain traction and keep improving yourself.

I invite you to grow with me and this community of women.  We may be in the middle of our life but there is so much yet to learn…so many ways we can grow and change…I can’t wait to see who you are BECOMING!


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3 thoughts on “Because I hoard information….”

  1. Love this! I often find myself in the “muddled” state with all my books/binders/links stored around the house and in my head and on my computer…I would LOVE to figure out a way to organize that all so that it might actually be useful when I need to pull from it! Then I might actually have something to say instead of “I read something somewhere that said something that would be really helpful right now if I could remember/find it” ;))


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