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Favorites and Football Food

I totes enjoy Adam Levine (how talented is he…not to mention handsome?) and Jimmy Fallon – also talented beyond words.  I can’t watch him and not smile.

OSU Football 800

But let’s move on to the important stuff, mmkay?!?

The Buckeyes play tomorrow + cooler weather + football food = pure bliss

I don’t know if the concept of football food excites you the way it does me but let me just say it’s all I can think about the last few days.  So here’s what I’m cooking up…

My dad’s chili is the foundation of my CHILI BAR which is an idea I got from Pinterest.  I don’t know what to say about this chili other than it’s utterly delicious and I’ve missed it so.  It’s not your basic tomatoe-y chili.  It’s more complicated than that.  I’m out of descriptors…just make it and see for yourself.


Here is the original recipe (straight out of my dad’s self published cookbook entitled Cooking with BP…A Gourmet Journey to Delight) and I always double it.  It’s great for leftovers or you can freeze it OR you can have some friends over and eat it ALL!

A couple tips:

  • Use lean ground beef and leave the fat in…healthy peeps…don’t rinse the beef!
  • I don’t add the vinegar because I can’t stand vinegar
  • Use pre-chopped, frozen onion and green pepper


Other items in my chili bar:

  • hotdogs (I use Hebrew National – please spring for good hotdogs – your tastebuds will thank you)
  • french fries – just a bag of something frozen to pop in the oven
  • Fritos and/or tortilla chips
  • shredded cheddar
  • sour cream

Once the chili is ready, I fill up my bowl…but it gets better…I then place a perfectly cooked hotdog right on top of the chili (you can do it – there are no rules)…then I throw a few french fries on for good measure…and top it off with shredded cheese and sour cream Oh the glory!


And to round out the whole experience, let’s throw in a fun adult drink.  My sister and brother-in-law taught me about this yummy concoction last fall and it was so good I haven’t forgotten it.  All you need is Redd’s Apple Ale (or something similar and apple-y, Fireball whiskey and a mason jar full of ice.  Pour in the Redd’s, add a shot of the whiskey and voila!  What’s not to love?

Do you have standard football food?  What is it?



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3 thoughts on “Favorites and Football Food”

  1. Ok – LOVED the Adam Levine video!! So funny and yet SO good all at the same time! As for the football…I have only two words…GO BLUE! Can’t wait to try BP chili – I am always looking for new chili recipes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Love me some Adam Levine anytime, anywhere, and I love this time of the year. Buckeyes football, fall temps, yummy eats and beer!!! Thanks for sharing.


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