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Renewal and Refreshement this Weekend

I don’t know what your weekend plans are but I hope they involve some time to refresh and renew yourself.  For some that will look like a nap or quiet time to be still.  For others, renewal comes through activity that is life giving…being outside…playing a sport…singing…dancing…creating something lovely.  For those of you who like to create, here is a simple project that you can make in less than an hour.  (And for those that like to sing and dance…scroll down.)


This is my Thanksgiving Tree


I read about this idea in a blog post by Ann Voskamp a couple of years ago.  You can read it HERE.  Last year I managed to print and cut the leaves and we wrote on some but left them in a basket.  This year I just went and made the whole shebang.  And before you tell me that it’s not close to Thanksgiving yet…I know.  I’m going to be ahead of the curve…it’s fall…leaves are everywhere.  And it goes perfectly with my fall decor.  Bonus!


 Here’s what you need:

Print the leaves from AV’s site on card stock and cut them out

Some branches from the yard

Something to hold the branches

String or some way to hold the leaves on the branches

A heart full of gratitude


See this cute little pumpkin….look what’s inside


It’s where the leaves hide until we are sitting around the dinner table and ready to write on the backs of them.


I put it right on the dining room table to make it as convenient as possible.  We each say what we are thankful for and write it on the back of our leaf.  Then I take them to the tree, cut a string and put them in place.

And should you need some music to sing along to while you create…this is a good one.


I’m going to see For King and Country in concert this evening and I’ll be bouncing all day in anticipation.  I LOVE live music…what a fabulous way to spend a Friday night.  It will be renewing and refreshing, this I know.

I had to throw this in too.  I smiled from start to finish and did a little dancing in my chair.  I don’t really know what this song is about but at one point she says she has her junk in all the right places.  Anyone in the middle of life noticing their junk sliding around?  Huh…me too.  At any rate, hope it made you smile like it did me!

So, how will you renew and refresh yourself this weekend?

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