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Weekend Delights: An 80’s Dance Party, Smiles and Yummy Stuff

Sirius XM 80’s on 8 revolutionized my morning drive(s) taking different kids to different schools this morning.  I sang, I danced, I smiled and my creative juices started flowing.

Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It came on first and it got me thinking about writing a post where we gals all get together and tell our teenagers and anyone else who may have stepped on our toes that we’re not going to take it anymore.  I had a whole list of things that I’m not going to take and that I bet you don’t want to deal with anymore either.  Then I decided that it would sound crabby and negative so how about we just have an 80s dance party and dance the stress away?  You will want to dance because I’m going to share some goodies with you at the bottom and the calorie burn will be good.

We can’t do an 80’s dance party without Thriller.  A friend and I made up a dance to this song.  Anyone else?  Also I had the HUGEST crush on MJ back in the day.  This was an all time favorite.  I really wanted to be the girl in the video.




I saw JBJ in concert a year and a half ago.  The concert was outstanding but there was one small disappointment that has haunted me ever since.  John wore what can only be described as “old man shoes”.  They were some sort of orthopedic black tennis shoe.  The sight of this rock ‘n roll icon in that type of shoe was disheartening.  Those shoes and Jon’s larger middle were a reminder that we are all getting older and it made me a little sad.  There, I feel better now.



Yesterday was trick or treat and while we went trick or treating, we actually just walked along and didn’t collect any candy.  To protect the innocent (or guilty as it were) I will not name names or go into details.  We will just say that there was some melting down and in the end someone chose not to trick or treat.  It does not seem to have hindered candy consumption however as this was the scene I witnessed this morning when doing my walk-through to turn off all the lights everyone has left on when they went to school.  Can you see the wrappers thrown right on top of the clothing?  Lovely.  Then beyond that is a trail of Twizzlers and candy bars.  The Bible says our weeping will turn to joy and apparently a child’s tears can turn into a trail of Twizzlers.


Here is one more scene from my walk to shut off the lights.  I couldn’t help but take a picture.  There is a blog called Kids Were Here that has captured my imagination.  Since visiting the site, I will often walk through the house and notice where the children have been.  Clearly, a kid was here.

To wrap this up and put a pretty bow on it…here is a FAVORITE soup of mine.  If you need something delicious for your weekend, then look no further.  I ate the leftovers for 4 days solid after I made it.  This soup is that good!

You will need this stuff:


which you will add to a pot of this stuff:

1# Bob Evan’s Italian Sausage + Onion + Green Pepper + Garlic

Which you will mix with a few other things and end up with Lasagna soup.  DIVINE!

You can find the full recipe HERE.  I follow it just as it’s written expect that I use Bob Evan’s Italian sausage instead of what they have listed.

What is your favorite 80’s song to dance to?  There are SO many great choices! OR stop by the comments and fill me in on your favorite soup!



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