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Weekend Delights…Gladness, Giddy, Girly, Grilled



I have been working on knitting some wonder and joy into the small regular moments of life.  One way I’m doing that is by putting items around my house that I will encounter regularly that make me smile.  Here are two of my current faves:


Primitives by Kathy is the name of this line. There are many cute options!

I read about these candles on a blog before Christmas and was excited to see them turn up in my local T.J. Maxx.  They smell amazing and at the advice of Shauna Niequist, I will BURN THE CANDLES.



If you haven’t seen this, then promise me you’ll watch right now…and maybe have your own dance party just like I did.  I couldn’t help myself.  If you have seen it, then watch it AGAIN!  So.much.fun…smiling from ear to ear over this.



I’m loving Instagram for finding creative women who share their talents.  The PAINT ME PINK SHOP  has some of the most uh-dorable trinkets you’ve ever seen.  Pillows, mugs, phone cases…all the things a girl needs.

chocolate quote pillow
Don’t you want one?

daughter of king pillow

Maybe a Valentine’s Day present for yourself?  If you missed the link above, you can go HERE for the shop.


Often when it comes to delicious, delightful food that I love I find myself at a loss for words.  This is one of those times.  Darren and I met some friends at Melt Bar and Grilled in Easton a couple of weeks ago.  My passion for melted cheese was combined with my love of fried bologna and the result was every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

melt sandwich

melt sandwich top

They have a grilled cheese with anything in the world you could want plus fantastic fries…just the right amount of crunch and soft insides and perfectly seasoned…and the drinks…I could go on for days.  Go there as soon as you can, okay?

Thanks for reading to the bottom…I appreciate you!

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