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Weekend Delights…Hush, Hands, Hilarious, Heavenly


Jesus, help us find rest this weekend.  Not the kind of “rest” where we force our bodies to be still while on the inside we are still scurrying and doing and striving and chaotic….

but the kind of rest where when your body stops so does your mind and your soul exhales too and you are at peace….

engulfing, encompassing, on the outside and the inside…

stillness and rest.

This happy little tree greets me each morning.  Such a simple thing but it makes me so happy ❤️

Help us to release and relax and let you be you.  May we show our trust in you by not holding on so tightly…

by laughing loud…

by closing our eyes and giving our minds a break from thinking and figuring out.  Amen.



I found this cream at a boutique in Florida over Christmas break.  In an effort to be more hospitable to myself (our topic of conversation all next month!)  I snatched it up.  The lovely container sits on my desk next to my computer so I can enjoy looking at.  The scent is light and clean…outdoorsy I would say.  From the packaging to the way it feels on my hands…I’m in love.  You can find this and other products from Library of Flowers HERE.



Can you tell that the tube is made of metal just like toothpaste tubes used to be?  I’m smitten.



This little guy…yummy.




Not only do you need to know about these cookies, you need to know about Kendra at Box Up the Happy.  She is a creative genius who has meshed her love for all things celebrity and entertainment with her passion for baking.  Sounds a little crazy but she makes it work and it is enchanting.  This recipe just popped up in my inbox a couple of days ago so I haven’t tried them yet but feel I must.  What’s not to love?

Photo credit: Kendra at Box Up the Happy

Link to blog post with millions of fab pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch (was there EVER a better name in all HISTORY?) and the recipe HERE.

Have a beautiful weekend friends.  THANK YOU for being here.


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