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Have you seen this from Febreeze?  Noseblind.



The kids and I were watching something on TV and a Febreeze commercial came on.  The concept of the whole 2 minutes was that people become noseblind.  Noseblind is the inability to detect the accumulated smells in ones environment even though others can.

Silly, yes, but as we were watching another word floated through my mind.  HEARTBLIND.

heart on wood wall

I wonder what exists in my heart and yours…in my home and yours…in my relationships and yours that we have become blind to.  Patterns, behaviors or comfort zones we retreat to that are so a part of our lives that we can’t see them anymore.

Are there sins that we have become numb to?  Secrets that are locked behind so many doors that we are no longer aware of them?  We couldn’t find them if we tried.  And who wants to try to dig all that up anyway…isn’t blindness to the problem so much easier than dealing with it?

Blindness…numbness may mask the issue for a while but it’s not without cost.  When you aren’t feeling pain, you aren’t feeling joy either.  They are 2 sides of the same coin…you can’t have one without the other.

I felt strong but really I was numb.  Bonnie Gray – Finding Spiritual Whitespace


Jesus doesn’t call us to fumble around in darkness, hearts hard and unaware of our pain and our need for him.  He isn’t in the business of putting on band-aids or shooting us up with ______ (insert whatever it is that numbs you) so that we just don’t feel the pain….

He is in the business of HEALING

I can’t recall a story in the New Testament where he encountered a broken body and just gave them a quick fix.  He didn’t provide a service dog to the blind man…Jesus made him able to see.  He didn’t give the man who had been crippled his whole life a pair of crutches…Jesus told him to pick up his mat and go.


Jesus death on the cross looked every hurt…every sin…each pain and broken heart in the eye…stared it down…absorbed it and made a way for it to be healed…forever.

Can you and I be brave enough to ask Jesus to heal our blind hearts?  Could we trust Him enough that we’ll follow where He leads knowing that His way is ALWAYS better?

Father…open the eyes of our hearts to those places that need work…break our hearts for what breaks yours…help us not to stumble heartblind through this world but be courageous enough to awaken to feel…and see…and hurt…and trust…and heal.  We can only do it through your power…we need you.  We aren’t strong enough to do it ourselves.  Be our companion, our strength and our comfort…our trail guide…AMEN.


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