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I didn’t have big dreams for my life growing up.  I can’t remember ever sitting around thinking of all of the things I wanted to do or places I wanted to go.  For me, there was a path I was hoping to walk down but I was pretty sure that God wouldn’t let me go …

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The opening chords of that song hit my ears and I can feel my throat starting to close up, the tears sneak up into the corners of my eyes…happens every time.  I’ve thought about this often…what is it about that song that makes me emotional?  What I’ve landed on is the fact that it speaks …

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As I mentioned in my last POST I start my morning with coffee and some time to think, read and pray.  This morning, as I was reading HERE,  a question jumped out at me. But as we continued, I began to imagine myself walking toward Jesus, wondering what I would say when he asked me, …

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It’s the first day of a new week – so I wanted to give a boost.  Some pep in your step.  So without further ado, here are 3 things we can ALL look forward to this week.  Drum-roll please: #1 – Great is his faithfulness; his loving kindness begins afresh each day.  Lamentations 3:23  No …

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The Best Yes 525

I’ve been reading this book for the last week and it is rocking my world.  Its’ wisdom combined with practical application make it a must read for everyone who struggles with knowing when to say “yes” or “no”.  So, basically that’s me and ALL of you! We flop about between pleasing ourselves or others, whether …

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If you are a woman anywhere in the realm of midlife then you probably have a lot on your plate.  Or perhaps you even have multiple plates that you are trying to keep spinning all at once.  Let me help you… As a lover of all things organizational, I love me a good list.  Not …

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4 R to Number our Days FI

This particular verse of Psalm 90 encourages us to “number our days“…to take heed of the fact that time is limited and then allow that information to create in us the desire to live as we should. Here are 4 reasons we should number our days: 1.  If you are in mid-life (or beyond), then …

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Powerful Questions

Powerful questions are one of my favorite coaching tools….and that my friends is a powerful question.  In Christian Coaching by Dr. Gary Collins powerful questions are described as thought-provoking questions that stimulate fresh thinking, lead to new insights, clarify issues and challenge us to explore innovative possibilities.  They often catch a person off guard and …

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Why this Matters

Yesterday I started a post that was titled Shaking in My Boots to tell you how unequipped I feel to be writing to you…or speaking up about anything….or trying to be anything other than invisible and just make it to heaven without making a fuss.  You look in your head and heart and see more …

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  The stack of books that currently sits next to my chair.   So, here’s the thing….where some people gather and compile stuff, trinkets, stuffed animals, trash (have you seen that show?  ACK!), I am a hoader of information.  Envision me humbling hanging my head in shame.  While this may seem less problematic than physical …

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