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  I shared with you HERE that one of my goals is to feed my family good meals.  For me, that doesn’t always mean super healthy (I have an intense love for homemade mac ‘n cheese) but it does mean made at home.  Time spent in the kitchen and around the table are never wasted …

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Happy Friday or Saturday or whenever you may be reading this.  Before I get to the juicy stuff, I want to share 2 things with you: First…that picture of Owen.  It is so adorable it makes my heart hurt.  Where does the time go? Second…a couple of wishes for your weekend… praying you find the …

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What I Learned in October

A favorite blogger/author of mine, Emily Freeman, has a monthly series titled “What I Learned”.  Each month she looks back on the previous month and lists a few things she found out that she hadn’t known before.  These little gems of knowledge can be serious, fun or both.  I love this for a few reasons: …

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Sirius XM 80′s on 8 revolutionized my morning drive(s) taking different kids to different schools this morning.  I sang, I danced, I smiled and my creative juices started flowing. Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It came on first and it got me thinking about writing a post where we gals all get together and …

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I don’t know what your weekend plans are but I hope they involve some time to refresh and renew yourself.  For some that will look like a nap or quiet time to be still.  For others, renewal comes through activity that is life giving…being outside…playing a sport…singing…dancing…creating something lovely.  For those of you who like …

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Happy Hump Day!  Here are a few delightful tidbits to get you through today and on to the weekend. Funnies – Actually this is sort of heartbreaking and funny all at once. Fashion – I got a Stitch Fix box today!  YAH!  You can read about my last box HERE.   Clockwise from the top …

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I totes enjoy Adam Levine (how talented is he…not to mention handsome?) and Jimmy Fallon – also talented beyond words.  I can’t watch him and not smile. But let’s move on to the important stuff, mmkay?!? The Buckeyes play tomorrow + cooler weather + football food = pure bliss I don’t know if the concept …

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This makes me smile every time I watch it:   And let’s make something delicious this weekend, shall we?  I made this cake twice this week.  Super simple…ONE bowl and YUMMY!  It’s called WHITE TEXAS SHEET CAKE Lastly, I’ve seen some gals post blogs entitled “What I’m Loving”.  I’m going to play along and I …

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Happy Weekend!  Whether your weekend means a bit of fun and relaxation…time to look your kids, husband, family, friends long in the face around a table…or a quick couple days to catch up only to begin the grind again on Monday…set it apart by being awake to the whisper of the Holy Spirit…the way the …

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Weekend Delights

Can you smell that?!?!  It’s the weekend and it’s right around the corner.   Here is a round up of some fabulous food, fun and thoughts for your weekend. (Photo credit to my sweet Chloe who is becoming a teenager Friday…say what?!?!) If you need a chuckle, check out little Noah Ritter.   Even if you caught …

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